Politique d'expédition

Villar Foods ships to the following cities and greater surrounding areas:


Montreal, QC; Laval QC; Sherbrooke, QC; Quebec City, QC; Ottawa, ON; Calgary, AB; Edmonton, AB; Vancouver, BC; Surrey, BC; Winnipeg, MB; Brandon, MB; Regina, SK; Saskatoon, SK; Moncton, NB; Halifax, NS; PEI

United States of America

Los Angles, CA; San Diego, CA; Jacksonville, FL; Miami, FL; Orlando, FL; Chicago, IL; Springfield, IL; Indianapolis, IN; Kansas City, KS; Louisville, KY; Detroit, MI; Grand Rapids, MI; St. Louis, MO; Charlotte, NC; Cleveland, OH; Columbus, OH; Philadelphia, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; Columbia, SC; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; San Antonio, TX

*Rates may vary depending on geographic location.

*If you do not see your city please contact us.

Villar Food’s Empanadas are shipped and arrive frozen. Our Baked Frozen Empanadas can be stored in a freezer at below -18°C/0°F for 1 year. In refrigerated storage (Below 4°C/39°F) our Baked Frozen Empanadas can be stored for no more than 5 days.

Clients must schedule a delivery dispatch up to two weeks in advance. We will work with you on setting an appointment time for your shipment and when you should receive your order.

Villar Food utilizes third party delivery service to ensure on-time delivery and proper storage and handling of our food products. Third-party delivery services are vetted to ensure their procedures match our high food safety and handling standards. Our products are shipped in temperature-controlled vehicles ensuring adequate storage temperatures (-18°C/0°F). An inspection is held for each shipment to ensure vehicles follow our HACCP program guidelines on prevention of cross contamination, critical control points, and general housekeeping. For shipments to the U.S.A, we follow exporting standard operations procedure to ensure all USDA and CFIA standards are followed for a smooth cross-border delivery.

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