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Business Opportunity

Partner With Villar Foods to develop the right products for your customers.

Customizable Flavors
Available for Retailers & Private Label

Villar Foods operates a federally approved facility with HACCP & SQF recognized Food Safety plan to ensure proper handling of ingredients from receiving to shipping.

Customers are assured the highest level of care is the standard at Villar Foods and offers Retailers and Private Label opportunities to develop products and recipes aligned with our existing fully cooked and ready-to-eat product line.


Villar Foods partners carefully with retailers to develop the right product for your customers' needs. Whether tailoring packaging or modifying existing recipes for your customers' tastes, Villar Foods' greatest concern is pleasing customers and creating mutual benefit between parties.

Villar Foods

We Currently Offer


  • 80g 4pack graphic box
  • 80g 3pack clear lid clamshell
  • 38g 9pack labeled clear bag


  • 80g 60pcs bulk
  • 80g 30pcs bulk
  • 38g 200pcs bulk
  • 38pcs 100 bulk
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Villar Foods

Private Label

Villar Foods also offers private label opportunities for businesses looking to expand their product line with a tried and proven recipe under their own label and packaging. We are able to customize flavor profiles and ingredient requirements to meet your company's standards.