Our Story

It All Started in Paraguay

The story begins in two rural townships in Paraguay, South America.
Al and Mina arrived in Canada in 1987 and raised their four sons on traditional Latin comfort foods and a strong work ethic.

As their sons grew, the Villars searched for new opportunities to provide for them and found success in their local community with Mina’s food, especially her empanadas.

The boys loved their momma’s empanadas. They grew excited helping mom knead the dough as the aroma of grandma’s stuffing filled the air and the feeling of togetherness gathered them around the table.  The Villar Family worked through years of triumphs and setbacks to establish themselves as Canada's largest empanada manufacturing company today.


How We Grew Up Together

Al and Mina set out to share this passion with the wider community have set up their first factory in Brampton in 2008. Pioneering the empanadas in the grocery store chains, the Villars worked passionately to share their brand of Canadian-made family-friendly food products.

Villar Foods is now located in a federally approved HACCP & SQF recognized facility in Woodbridge, Ontario with empanadas available at all major retail stores Canada-wide.

The Villar's ultimate success is working closely with family and sharing a wholesome experience the boys grew up with and continue to cherish as young men. All four young men work at Villar foods today.

Villar Foods